The Consaro Management Team.


    • Martin Asching
    • With aviation in his veins, Martin Asching has dedicated himself to aeronautics and maritime projects. His field of expertise is the development of structures made of light metal and carbon, e.g. for aircraft by Airbus, Fairchild Dornier, Extra and Grob. Martin Asching is an interdisciplinary thinker who masters both production engineering and precision analytical methods.
    • Dr. Manfred Bau
    • Dr. Manfred Bau is responsible for aerospace, motor sport and medical technology projects. His field of expertise is carbon composite structures. After graduating, Manfred Bau put his knowledge of nonlinear material behaviour to work for the development of thermal protection structures for Ariane 5 and in lightweight components for large Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
    • Hans-Georg Stroehle
    • Hans-Georg-Stroehle is an expert in the field of aerospace and aeronautics projects. His main field is the development of aerospace structures as well as reliability analysis and safety justification. Following analyses in the area of wind energy and solar technology, he switched to the European aerospace programme to develop structures for the Ariane launch vehicles. In his free time, Hans-Georg enjoys the applied lightweight structures of his racers on extended cycling tours.